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Get Supplies

Receive a full kit in the mail including an acrylic project tote, hand-painted canvas, highest quality fibers, scissors, needles, needle threader, needle minder & printable instructions on all things needlepoint!

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Take part in a live, online course with Shana where you will learn all things from basic needlepoint to decorative stitches and more!

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Step 3
Weekly Live Q&A

Don’t let your needlepoint education end with just the course! Sign up & join Shana weekly to ask away! Weekly Q&A’s will include any new tips & tricks, as well as answering any and all questions you may have! Don’t be shy! 

Why Should You Join

Stitch Club?

Stitch Club is the most technologically advanced way to learn needlepoint while not loosing sight of its origins. You will be able to learn everything you need to know about needlepoint from the comfort of your home – you don’t even need to leave to buy the thread! Join us as we bring needlepoint to the 21st century! In our stitch club you will learn things like:

Needlepoint Essentials

Learn what tools you need to start any project!

Threading & Anchoring

Learn how to use a needle threader or how to thread with just your fingers! Also learn the proper way to anchor to start and end your thread the proper way.

Decorative Stitches

Learn how to read any stitch diagram to begin incorporating all different types of stitches! Don’t be scared of stitch diagrams!

Stitching Techniques

Learn which way each stitch is supposed to go and how to look at the backside of your canvas to make sure they are coming out correctly.

Thread Color Selection

There are so many thread options! Learn where and when to use each thread and how to know which colors to stitch with first!

Live Coaching

Still have questions? Join Shana during the live online course to cover everything in between!

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