Custom Needlepoint Order Deposit


Custom orders are so inspiring as I get to bring your imaginations to life! When placing a custom order request, please include colors, estimated size, what size mesh (check reference page if unsure), and what type of lettering. Please email any inspirational photos you may have whether it is for colors or letters to

Please check me out on Instagram for inspiration @SBTstitches

*Once deposit is paid, your name will be added to my “digital mockup list”. You will be contacted with digital image of custom canvas for edits. Once design has been approved, you will be emailed an invoice for final payment. You will then be added to the “painting” list. Deposit is $50 no matter how big or small your project is. Full deposit will be applied towards final invoice.

Please note that each custom canvas you are requesting requires its own deposit (ex. if you want two different canvases, please make two deposits)