Blocking a Needlepoint CanvasBy Shana BenhayounHave you ever been so excited that you finished stitching a canvas but then realize that you canvas looks a bit tilted or distorted? Do not fret, we have all been there! I get this question so often from new stitchers because they think they are doing something wrong, but

SBT Stitches HQ Tour

Headquarters TourBy Shana BenhayounA behind-the-scenes tour of where the magic happens!If you have been following me on Instagram stories, you should know by now that my family & I were forced to move homes in the height of the COVID-19 quarantine…SO NOT IDEAL! But, with everything negative, comes a positive! In 2017, Abraham & I moved

Binding Stitch

Binding StitchBy Shana BenhayounBINDING A STITCH: They say it takes one hour to stitch one square inch in needlepoint (on 18 mesh). Multiply that by MANY hours spent stitching and you want to make sure that your projects will last a life time! In the olden days, needlepointers used to spend their time making pillows

Cross Stitch vs. Needlepoint

Cross Stitch vs. NeedlepointBy Shana BenhayounWhenever people ask me what the difference between cross-stitch and needlepoint is… I always say that they are basically in the same family or under the same umbrella. They are both needle arts that are stitched onto a fabric using needle and thread. The difference is the type of fabric,


Lets Talk PensBy Shana BenhayounWhen it comes to painting a canvas, the pens are the most important part! In my method of painting, I always draw out the design first on the canvas and then paint over it. If you are not using the right kind of ink, it will inevitably bleed into your paint

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