Rooted in Love

"If you really want it, then you'll make your dream happen"

Based on tradition, SBT Stitches was conceived in 2014. Shana Brooke, namesake of SBT Stitches, is a 4th generation needlepointer. Her designs are modern and fresh, attracting young talent to an old pastime.

As a young girl, needlepointing was not love at first sight. It wasn't until her grandmother's last weeks on earth that Shana began to embody her familial pastime. Searching high and low across the country and internet, Shana realized there were not many canvases that represented her generation.

In order to pursue her passion, she became a self-taught canvas designer with a mission to create designs that would carry her great-and grandmother's hobby into the future!

“Shana has an impressive quality for details, whenever I make a special request, it exceeds my expectations. Without a doubt, she is the best!”

Avigail BenhayounCustomer

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